We made a Lever and want it to move a door using a Message and Mailbox


We have been testing out the process of using a lever to open a door. We cannot seem to get this correct. The lever and door are on the top left. Would anyone have an ideas/techniques to make this work?


Omg that game ID 733733

Will check it out later, I’m on phone right now.

Okay so here we go:

Make the door object solid so the character can’t walk through it, do this in its behaviors:
The enabled behavior will make the object not solid anymore so you can walk through it. You can make it look better by making an ‘open’ animation or set the alpha to 0 (so invisible) and turn it back to 100 when you open it.

And this in the lever object:
The toggle switch behavior toggles between 2 outputs. The first time it goes to out1, then out2, then out1 etc. So you can make a switch with that.

Hope this helped.

Hey i found this post and it heleped a lot so Thx, Im New to flowlab and this helped me create a door thx