? We NEED a review category @grazer!

Petition: https://crigenceoffical.wixsite.com/crigencecritique/copy-of-submit

Recently in the Flowlabiverse, I (Crigence) have started a massive wave of new reviewers all bringing their own flavor of reviews to the table!

And so far, we haven’t received any kind of official support from @grazer himself! This petition here is made to change that!

This petition is made to show grazer that the community thinks reviews on Flowlab should be treated differently from other discussions and should get their very own section in the forums! (Hopefully with The Crigence Critique pinned at the top!)

If you agree with this idea, submit your signature now! ~Crigence

Seriously though, petition: https://crigenceoffical.wixsite.com/crigencecritique/copy-of-submit

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We need a spot! We need a spot! We need a spot! (Wait, is this a protest? I just came for the food :lol: )

But actually, everyone, me also being a reviewer, think that we should get a spot, and would honestly be easier to find us if you want to get a review. Please consider this @grazer .

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Boom: http://forum.flowlab.io/categories/reviews

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Woah, a new category!

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