We NEED a Save State Behavior

Flowlab has a checkpoint algorithm. @Latif has used it, I’ve used it, @“JR 01” has used it, a lot of Flowlabbers use it. But recently, I came across a huge problem. These save behaviors only work in simple concept games.

I have been working on the HAKK3R series for years, and the HAKK3R Official game for about 1 year. Now, I’m officially implementing the save system. The only problem is, I’m trying to save every behavior of an extremely complex character, the progress of the game, side mission progress, and more. And all this is by itself.
Flowlab’s set of checkpoint algorithms aren’t powerful or smart enough to fit a game like mine and many others. As Flowlab grows, its games grow with it. The checkpoints and game saving behaviors are lagging behind.
@grazer, that was a bit harsh of a description, sorry about that, but it is a pretty important thing to have. I can’t imagine people going through all the trouble to play my game, get really far into it, leave, come back, and have all of their progress deleted. It’s just not right…

Umm I Know @PixelPizza And @rcreger Have Made Really Good Ones. Me Myself Have Not Tried To Create Or Fidget With A Auto Save Features At All So Im Useless Here But Maybe @PixelPizza Or @rcreger Mostly @rcreger Cause @PixelPizza Just Left Flow Lab After Winning The Jam So He’s Really Useless

I mean yeah, I’ve hunted around, looked for ages, and I have come across them. But none really fit with something like this.

So your looking for a save state rather than a check point, I have an advance checkpoint example but that doesnt seem what your asking here. In all else, I think you would want to create a seperate bundle used for only save behaviors that reads and saves all stats of the player. Checkpoints are used to access old or safe areas in the level.

Advance Checkpoint example:

But yes, I would think it would be nice to have a save state behavior but that is a very complex.

Thanks, @“JR 01” for the correction and the example. I can try to modify it and some others to fit what I need, but it may take a while… (=

Hi, thanks for the compliment @GrimProdutionZ ahahahah

This “Save & read the entire game state” feature has already been requested a few times.

And yeah, I really think that this would be really useful and would save a lot of time :smiley:

Ok No Problem PixelBoi