We Need A Way To Display Our Hearted Games

So I Talked To @Grazer On Discord And He Said That I Should Get Peoples Opinions On A Save Page.

Basicly I Cant Find Some Games That I Like And Some I Never Found.
So Im Thinking About A Save Page Where It Saves All The Games You Hearted So You Can Find Them Easyer And Faster.

(Comment Your Opinions)


I like this idea! It would make finding your favorite games that much easier!


I like this idea, but there’s one issue - what if the developer deletes their saved game?

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this is a great idea!

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Great idea, lets make it happen.

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This is a good idea. This will help find our favorite games much easier!

Hold on, somebody else already said that… uhm…

This is a good idea. I won’t have to dig through pages of games or search them up all the time. As for rcreger’s question about if the developer deleted the game, maybe the game would show up for only a little while, but display a notification saying that the game is deleted and will no longer be available.
Also, another suggestion I have about deleting games is having a 24-hour timer to the game’s deletion once someone deletes the game. Similar to how our posts take 24 hours to be deleted. During that time period, the game cannot be played or edited. The user can withdraw the deletion before it can occur. I suggest this feature because I have seen on the forums about a few people who end up deleting their game and then regretting it later on, and then have to ask grazer to restore it.


I like the idea! 100% on board with this (=

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It Will Just Delete (202020202)

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this is very smart, sometimes I enjoy playing a game or I need their logic and I forget what it was called and I can’t find it, so this would be helpful for a lot of things.

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Exactly Thats My Problem

Im Glad Everybody Likes It! :smiley:

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