How in total would I add a sword? Would I just add it as like an object, part of my character? I’m very confused

Both ways could work,
You could add it make it an object and use an attacher to connect it to the center of the player.
Or you could put the behavior in the player and use a set of animation when using the sword.

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I made a weapon but i came out huge

Is someone able to make me a simple sword sprite

you could shrink the sword in the sword behaviors


k, got in, but how do i move the sword right more as it is right in the center on my character

The attacher centers both sprites and to put it on one side, many move the position of the object in its sprite editor.

Another way, instead of using an attacher, is to extract x and y of the player and send the position to the sword and use the expressions (a+b) to set the position to the player.

what behavior would you use for the sword built into the character? pls tell step by step cuz im new here.

Pretty much the same you would normally do for the sword except
you would probably need to emit an invisible object instead
if the player can’t touch the enemy.

how do you emit an invisible object.

Use the emit behavior and have a bullet object (or whatever you want the hitbox to be)
and turn its alpha to 0

I would just make the object longer, but have the part of it that’s touching the player invisible. :wink: