Website suggestions

  • In the “my games” list decrease the padding and margin of the box class because they take a lot of space.
  • When deleting a game fade it out instead of refreshing the page.
  • When clicking the new game button disable it so you can’t click it twice. Or just disable 2 requests at the same time (from the same user) in the server for a new game.
  • A search bar for your own games
  • Make an option to sort games on “Date created”, “Last edited” and “Most favorited”. By default it’s set on last edited.
  • Game descriptions, this is just something I made with html:
    When you click edit description it will show a textarea to edit it:




I’m sure grazer won’t implement this, like the note behavior.

I like this suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey @Latif3 - I added a description to the game page like you suggested, I thought that was a good place for it.

What!? Sweet