Website update - New behavior documentation

I’ve added a new set of behavior documentation here

The “what’s this?” button in behavior setting panels link there now as well. The old docs were incomplete and outdated.

Let me know if I missed anything.

@grazer you linked to a 404

Also, this may be a bug, or you documented it wrong, but over and out doesnt work with mobile. It only works with tapping. I honesty wish it did though.

I just fixed the link. Over and out should be drag in/drag out on mobile - I’ll need to make a mobile build to test, but that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Oh, I thought you said the ladder wasnt possible because its hard to simulate how a mouse works

You need to charge your battery :slight_smile:

Maybe something is getting lost in translation, but that documentation describes how it is supposed to work. On mobile, if you touch the screen and then drag your finger over the object, that should trigger a “roll over”, and if you drag your finger back out then it should register a “roll out”

My battery is charging… lol…

If you get this thing working… i would go nuts… thats been the #1 thing Ive been wanting as far as mobile is concerned…
That is what Im hoping for!

My only concern: would it only be able to handle one d-pad or two?

If it does handle two, just in case I made autofire require double-tapping, so it wont be in the way if you test the behavior through my app

Hey, this was definitely needed; love the update! :smiley:

Neat! I see you worked really hard on this, good job.

I hope it will be something useful for lots of people.

@grazer how long before the over and out bug is fixed? Just an estimate

Just a heads up @CrimsonBlackGames - I made this test game: , exported for iOS, and verified that it does not work as expected. I’ll post an update when the fix is in.

@grazer I see…

Hey, now that SB3 is available for Android, could I get a link to it on the front page?

Post the app store link in here

@CrimsonBlackGames - I just deployed a fix for the touch roll over/out issue, future builds should handle that properly


I found a typo in the documentation :open_mouth: In the Random behavior you wrote “minumum” in the properties.

@grazer over and out works now, but it cant handle two fingers-

So the two D-Pads cant be used together in SB3