Website Update - new My Games page

So this thread is just to announce/get feedback/bug reports on the new My Games page update. This page has been in dire need of a facelist for a while, and the new version has:

  1. More compact layout
  2. Deleting a game doesn’t reload page
  3. Can trigger multiple builds consecutively (one per platform, per game)
  4. Mobile build state updates automatically (no need to refresh)
  5. Indicator for team games (games created by someone else)

Awesome I like the new compact design, it looks less cluttered!
Deleting a game was very smooth too

Looks amazing! I will let you know if I find anything weird going on!
The only feedback I have right now is that I’m not sure if the Game image/screenshot is big enough. Maybe it’s the right size but I’m still not sure, maybe I’m feeling this because the old one was way bigger.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very clean and polished! I like it!

Looks great on mobile resolutions :smile:

my high score was 10000!!! i cant even belive it!!! i mean this game is awesome!!!

btw im a BIG fan of the gravyard #1 & #2!!!

score ten thousend one the second graveyard awesome!!! butadd power ups that would make it great!!!

@witherdragon4 That’s good news but…

There’s a separate discussion for Graveyard right here.

Also I am liking this website update, now its easier for me to search through my games.