Weird Bug After Downloading Game

After I download my game (windows) I extract the file and then press the application. When the game is playing some parts of the game would show while at other times the screen would go black (I can still hear the sound). I tried this on other computers and it does the same thing, I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I’m doing something wrong when extracting?

Also slightly related, when playing my game through the editor the level won’t load. I believe it’s because the level is too big but I’m not too sure. I could cut down on the level but I feel like that would mess up the flow of the level.

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It might be the number of smart (and total) objects. I couldn’t find any stacking spawners or proximities that could cause problems. The behavior time seems fine.
I have a somewhat decent pc and also have a ton of lag when booting up.

To be precise, i think it’s the dirt smart object:

After i removed most of them the performance immediately increased:

Big objects like the massive trees also usually reduce performance

So here’s what you could do, i don’t say that this is the best solution, but it’ll improve the performance as shown in the pictures:

  • remove the current dirt sprites and leave just one 32x32 line of floor:

-to fill the rest of the background make some big background objects, instead of many small smart objects like this without a behavior:

instead of this:

to fill in the blank backgrounds.

Even without removing the big trees the performance should be playable and youc an try to export it again. :slight_smile:
You can also use smaller sprites for the trees and then increase the size by code.
e.g. Once-get number 200- size%

Edit: That’s also the same reason why the editor isn’t booting up.


I was stuck on this forever, thank you!

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