...Well screw it.

Since my laptop crashed and I lost all my stuff, and I can’t get flowlab to download me my Diamondsion Assault files, what if I were to restart it as an HD game?

Mhx, what happens when you go here: http://flowlab.io/game/play/16618 and click the “install” button? It won’t install?

I just tried it, and it worked fine for me. It seems to be an older version, so you need to click “build for desktop” again to rebuild with the latest version of everything, but it should be working.

Lol oh, I didn’t even notice that button.

ok, cool :slight_smile:

Just make sure you run the “Build for Desktop” button again, that will get the latest version.

Alright, well I got a question for you since I am still considering updating the graphics. If I use the Blitzsphere, and, wait I’ll explain better.
Ok so the Sphere is 32 x 32 px, and I want to change the graphics to 64 x 64 px.
What I would need is similar to how in Metroid, Samus is twice the height of the blocks, but can use Morphball to go through them at normal size. How would I do that?
I want to remake the game. Most of the graphics were RPG style, I want to go fully custom drawn and shrunk.

Or do you think I shouldn’t change the game?

Well, I hope that you’ll decide to finish Diamondsion Assault instead of starting over. The hardest part about making a game is finishing it instead of starting on something else half way through. I have lots of half-finished games myself that will never see the light of day.

Even if you do decide to start over, read through this article by Derek Yu first:



This goes with #2: prototype first with whatever you have available. Sometimes you find out right off the bat that its a bad idea. Sometimes you stumble upon an even BETTER idea. Either way, I usually find it difficult to figure out what I want to commit to until I actually start making something. So make something!


Find core mechanics that are just fun to play around with. It should be fun to execute the most basic interactions, because thats what players will be doing the most when they play your game. Ultimately, you want this core to drive your development. This will make it a lot easier for you later on when you have to cut out parts of the game (#13) - youll always have this core to fall back to.

Its possible, while prototyping, that you discover a mechanic thats MORE fun than what you originally thought the core mechanic was - consider making that the new core mechanic!

Let’s call Diamondsion Assault a prototype. I’m using a bunch of lazily made RPG sprites, and all my code is a jumbled buggy mess. As much as I would hate to start over, I feel as if the game needs an update overhaul. I would just edit the game, but it would be too much work to try to take apart and organize all the crap I stringed together in that huge mess. I have so many bugs too. I can’t at all figure out how to fix them.
If I can get the Blitzsphere to work, I guess I’ll continue. It’s just a pain, it only works 1/2 the time.