What am I doing wrong with the camera?

Nope. Remove the global variables. Not helpful. You only need the X, btw, since they can’t jump all that high :upside_down_face:

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Once you’ve removed the globals, connect the extractors to the always. Set one to the player 1 x, and the other to the player 2 x. Connect the first one to the A of an expression. Connect the second to the B of the expression and the eval. In the expression, type this:

(A+B) / 2

sorry, I’m a visual learner and don’t fully get what you are saying. May you please send a screenshot of

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For the camera:

For p1:

For p2:

I forgot you need specific objects for the extract. have fun.

what type is the global name?

Just a number :upside_down_face:

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Thank you very much! It finally works!

Mr. Multitool’s work is done. :sunglasses: