What are YOU doing for Flowjam? (Stared)


Imma not telling. Mysterious music plays

Okay, I understand if some people don’t want other people to copy their idea

Not making it (outside my capabilities, still learning) but the idea tickled me so thought I’d share.

Zork from the perspective of the Grues - go out at night trying to sabotage and break light bulbs, lamps, setup elaborate traps that trigger when NPC’s turn on light sources.

After each level you get scored on how many NPC’s you killed because fellow Grues ate them - the more you kill, the harder the next level gets. It’d be the same “town” each night, just with different NPC paths and more guards when you get higher up.

Damnit now I cant stop vision boarding about how I’d actually make that…damn you Flowlab I should be working…

XD sounds like an idea, why don’t you try? @Kollamma

Real life intervenes :frowning: