What do you think of DRIVE - Flowlab edition

If you haven’t played DRIVE or if its been a while, I would like to ask for everyone to try it now.

This is a finished version of the game that was made only on a free account. I bought an Indie account only after finishing this game,
so everything you see here is 100% made in the free edition. I like to look at this game as to show the abilities and limits that offers on a free account.
The game has been worked on here and there for about 6 months, starting from an idea on an old account last year.

I cloned the game and I’m currently making more, like game modes. Allot of changes has been made, but its overall the same game for now.
Compared to the "mobile"versions, I would like to call this one the “Flowlab” version for it will show all the characters in the shop and you can earn points there.
I would like to put DRIVE in the app store, but I would like to ask feedback and if you would like to see it in the app store soon.
The other game modes will be added in later, but I think the current game has enough to play when on your spare time, on the go.

Thanks to everyone for help and feedback, and to grazer for his feedback, on a early versions of this game.
I would like to ask @grazer again on his thoughts on the game and anyone else’s and what y’all think.
Thanks again and have a good day!

DRIVE: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/938307

wow, this is a really nice game!
This game has the best and most polished menu ive ever seen! the gameplay was simple, yet fun! I really loved those waiting bits that gave you tips before opening/starting the game.

there are a few things that I noticed that should be fixed, though.
-It didn’t tell me (sometimes it may) that space was the key to jump! without knowing this i had to fiddle with the keys before i discovered that the spacebar was there.
-the enemies are sometimes difficult to see. maybe give them a small white pixel outline so they stand out over background objects? that would be really nice.

besides that, i thought the game was great! I can see that you’ve spent a lot of time on this game, and it is really well done!

some ideas, too:
-maybe add powerups? maybe one that makes you really fast and invincible, or one that makes you jump higher.
-more flowlab inspired characters! (super monkey, the fireball, escape pod, etc.)

you’ve made a great game! keep it up!

Thanks @soethan1, glad hear you like the game!

One thing I forgot to do was to replace the menu animation for “space to start”. The game is meant so it could be put on a phone, but this version also uses the space bar.
This is also explained in the games explanation below the game and also ways to change what button you want to jump with.

A white outline… that might actually work. I had complaints about the objects blending but I thought it was easy to get use to. Making a white outline may be a good middle ground.

I thought about doing power-ups, but the gameplay, at its core, is very simple. Adding power-ups could make it too easy. Though I had the thought of how hill climb racing 1 for power/level ups, I may try that in a different game.

I would like more Flowlab characters but I prefer it to use a vehicle of some sort.
I don’t prefer to have a normal person/character just running 180 mph lol
I also need to have permission and help from the creator, like a collaboration.

Thanks for your feedback @soethan1, I just made the changes.