What do you want in my game (actual additions not something you want to change)

https://flowlab.io/game/view/1548510 I am adding more levels, maybe some bosses, and overall I am trying to finish this game. I want some community request’s in my game. (Do tell me if you want credit for a idea that does get implemented idm crediting an idea featured in my game)

f dang it I forgot to change the topic category

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There you go… ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

you should make it possible

I think a little bit of refining is needed. Adding your own blocks instead of FlowLab-defined ones would be a nice touch. Not sure if you intended for a wall jump/climb but that’s how I pretty much got around every obstacle. Key mappings to help the player (I tried to use the arrow keys at first).

i tried to yous arrow keys to

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there is supposed to be wall jumping… i put it in the tutorial

what do you mean by “flowlab defined sprites”? I didn’t use any flowlab sprites. Even the spikes were made by myself.

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Okay, please make it able to use both WASD and Arrow Keys, maybe add a double jump and coins or collectables. This has a lot of potential and if you need help with sprites I don’t mind.

Ok, for sure!

I will stick with making my own coins, but yes, will do.

Thanks, planning on exporting…

I’m good, but thanks