What does copy embedded code do?

I have never used this and i am curois of what it does.

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It lets you paste it into a .txt file, talk to JR_01 about it, that’s how I submitted a game to itch.io

@JR01 Please Respond.

Imbed mean to work independently and not limited to the website its on.
SO this means you can play flowlab games aren’t restricted to Flowlab and can be played on other sites.

The Embed Code you can copy in the game library can be used for website / web builders.
So you can make your games playable on on your own website with the code given.

But you can also use it in a HTML file to open the site through the web browser (which is basically like you own website on that is a file instead). These HTML files is also whats used for sites like Newgrounds, Itch, GameJolt, etc.

Or u can post it onto your own website! Like 4 example i embedded one into my website alrdy. beaniesbugs.com