What happened in the forums recently?

@grazer please don’t lock this discussion yet because I just want a quick summary of what happened. I had schoolwork, then some chores, I come back and BOOM people are banned, apparently Grim Wither is making racist remarks and @meburningslime is almost ready to leave forums.

What. Can I have a quick summary, I’ve known nearly all these people for a year.

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TL;DR: Grazer created a new badge called “Spaghetti Pockets”, which was initially made to be sort of a punishment for annoying users. Almost everyone wanted this new badge, and it ended up with people saying rude things in order to get the badge.
Eventually, things went way too far when someone (I think we know who) made a racist and homophobic insult directed at another user. Now all of the comments and replies have been removed, and the Flowjam 2021 Results thread was locked to prevent further chaos.


@MetaNinja Jesus, that’s disturbing, I’m very surprised all this happened. I’ve been trying to earn as many badges as possible too but wow…


talk about desperate.


It is indeed, @The_Kodex and @ShadowGaming. I hope that this isn’t repeated again in the future. It’s up to everyone to make sure that the community remains a fun, safe, and healthy place to be for everyone who comes here.


Some people asked grazer nicely for the badge. They probably would’ve gotten it too if it wasn’t taken too far


Yeah, I saw some people asking nicely, but the whole thing was ruined by people cussing and insulting each other.


I guess it was partly my fault since I just made a joke how I wanted to collect every badge, but I was just trying to throw some laughs there, but some people took that seriously and wanted to actually do bad for them.

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@ManiacPumpkin You can’t blame yourself for other peoples actions. Its not like it wouldn’t have come up sooner or later or like these people were not already like this.


I did the same too


Bruh, you just called 63% of the forums stupid. Might wanna take that back.

Ok I will PMBAL2000000C

Don’t do that though.

Great, I’m not with the stampede of people saying rude things.

I wouldn’t call it a stamped @AaAaAaAaAaAa It was just one person and multiple trying to earn that badge

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