What happened to bitwit?

What happened to @BitWit ?

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Bitwit’s been a bit silent on the forums recently, however he isn’t gone, he’s been more active on the Flowjam Official Discord, which you can join here:

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sorry, i always wanted to, but my school blocks it.

I’m indeed still around! Recently all of my effort has been going into school and the Flowjam where I can, so I haven’t been checking the forums too often. I expected to have more reviews done during the winter, but unfortunately the holidays didn’t pan out the way I thought they would and I had significantly less time than I thought I would have to work on them. I’m sorry to anyone who has been waiting for those reviews. They have unfortunately been in development for… a while to say the least. There are no promises as to when those will be coming out, but at this point know that something big is in store for when I do get those all out!