what in the world is x and y in spawning? (solved)

the title pretty much explains itself

when you use the spawn behavior, there is a x and y input. and you can change it to where you want the diamond to spawn

i still dont get it?
i dont know coordinates?
i dunno what they even do

me tooo… lol.

Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 8.11.45 AM

oh ok finally it all makes sense
i thought it would spawn on the map and i had no idea how to do that tysm

you’re welcome


Its best if you use extractors to get spawn coordinates otherwise its really tedious.

It should be in properties

If you want to spawn something on top of an item and then destroy the item (I saw your post about the diamond) I would suggest using two extractors. this x and this y and a once trigger going into each in the out this x goes into x on spawn and this y goes into y on spawn. Then you just need something to trigger the spawn. (Like mining the diamond)

I can post a screenshot when I get on the computer

tysm man

no problem