What is flowlab?

Idk what flowlab is. Anyone can help me?


anyone? help me please

hmm what this do @CodeAlpaca

all in favor of pinging grazer?

Hi, Flowlab is a game making platform. It’s for 2D games only though. But it’s fun.

but i still dont know how to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

btw how do u get that pic in the circle

@grazer This guys needs your help, I’m too lazy.

what do you mean by that?

basically i just trying to find a coding platform

and i think i found it

Well, there’s not much coding, it’s easy.

and who is @grazer? is @ supposed to call a name

He’s the creator of Flowlab, basically.

@TheJeffDude i do have but it has my name on it

if you want to learn flowlab i’d recommend watching the videos and looking into the other examples. Flowlab Game Creator - Flowlab resources

Yeah, wanna do a collaboration on a game?

I’m up for it at least:)

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Ok, see you later. Btw, do you have a gmail account?

Please take a look at the actual site, flowlab.io for more information or to see other games or tutorials.
This is a Forum for the site to help users with coding problems they have or would like to share anything related or about Flowlab. If you need help using Flowlab, you can ask here in the forums. If you are looking more for the basics of flowlab or what it is, may I suggest the Intro to Flowlab playlist below.

Intro to Flowlab - NEW - YouTube

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