What is going on here?

In my game I have made TNT that works pretty well but in decent amounts it easily lags which is normal, but after the TNT is done exploding when the lag should disappear some lag stays. I figure this means some of the TNT mechanics are still working even after the TNT is gone. I figured this is a important bug to report as game performance is really important for games that run in the browser. You can see this happen on my game in the test level by looking at the TPS meter as the TNT explodes which is a measurement of game speed. (warning TNT is kinda ear rapes turn down your volume.) https://flowlab.io/game/view/1033540

Maybe make a tutorial so people actually know how to play :confused:
The fish hurts you and there’s no way to beat lvl 1 without exploiting the mines
The game loads TNT sounds and behaviours, so when you finish the behaviours the sounds will still be loaded. That’s how the lag spikes.
how did you do an fps meter? It seems suspicious

@meburningslime The always behavior will send a input game every “tick” and I just used the real time clock to find how many of these ticks occur in a real second. TPS basically shows the speed the games playing at if you wanna test how well your games are running just steal the TPS tracker I made its in the dogs behaviors.

OK pretty neat.