so. I had an idea! I was going to make the worst PLAYABLE game I possibly could. then I realized why should I just do it when other people can do it too? post your worst possible game here and I will rate them and tell who has the worst game! what you do is you make the worst game possible but it must be able to be beaten it has to be agonizing to play and make you want to leave flowlab and never come back! other than that there are no rules!

there is no reward it is just friendly competition to see who can make the worst game for a change I will tell you which game is currently in the lead at all times it is rated by whatever game caused me the most agony to play good luck =)

examples: stupid,annoying,bad textures,horrible control’s,just agonizing to play.

@meburningslime 's EVIL GAMEBOY is currently in the lead

the pain

but, I wouldn’t say that is a horrible game, and I bet when you made it you weren’t trying to make it bad

please don’t just put your first game and say it sucked or something like that. the game must show that you at least tried to make it bad! this is not for posting your games that you worked hard on trying to make a good game this is for bad games only! not trying to be mean, but there are a lot of other discussions for that type of thing

This is the first game I’v ever made using Flowlab back in 2014,
I think it fits this category well…


I already made one man https://flowlab.io/game/play/819621

example, https://flowlab.io/game/play/1311105 it’s not popular for a reason




actually try mine plez

I did, look at the description. As soon as you put it on I tried it!