What is this

In My Dice Island fishing game, before you fish an alert will pop up. But when I click the button nothing happens. I have absolutely no idea why. Can anyone help me with this?

Plus another problem: when I don’t pause the game, the alert thing still doesn’t work. Also, when the fish rod pulling animation is played, a thick green line shows up at the bottom. Is this a glitch?

Hey… the thick green line shows up in all frames of my fishing rod animation, even though I never put it there. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

It definitely has something to do with the fishing rod. If I move it off screen, I can click the alerts, and if I delete the click behavior in the rod, it causes the game to white screen freeze. Your rod is glitched. It might be too big? Never had such a strange glitch happen, before. Try making another rod, but smaller.

ok :frowning:


Now it’s fixed… hooray, a new glitch. Every time I pull up the fishing rod, the animation plays… but then there’s a white flash at the end. It’s not in any of the animation frames. Why is this happening to me ;-;

Try deleting your cache.

fixed :slight_smile:

Was it the cache?

I just added a new frame and… problem solved!

I found another bug. I use label and it works fine for a while. Then I refresh the page. Label is gone. I make it again. Close the tab. Re-open it. Label is gone again.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug from the update or something…

@grazer please fix this, theres been a lot of label problems recently. it never stays when the page is refreshed!
also when i use attacher the attached objects stays on the editor.

Luminous - It is really hard for me to keep track of reported problems when they get jumbled together in a thread.

I really appreciate it when they are reported, but it would be super helpful if you can create a new thread for each problem you report. I’ll take a look at the Label issue, but I don’t really understand the attachment problem description.

okay, thanks

The label issue is sorted out, can you post some more details about the attacher problem you ran into? Preferably in a new thread :slight_smile:

the attacher problem sometimes occur, but sometimes doesn’t. i’ll just make sure it’s not just my computer, so it’s not a false alarm :wink: