What is wrong with this? I'm confused.

So I’m still pretty new to Flowlab. The HUNGER behavior bundle on the person is supposed to get set back to maximum when the guy touches stone (I haven’t yet added the food sprite). But instead, it depletes it almost to nothing. What do I do?

So, hello ialexo and welcome to flowlab! Heres some photo tutorials:

heres what you did what was WRONG

So heres what to do: you will add a NUMBER set it to TEN and connect the collision to the number

And connect the number to the label

Hey Super Creator,

Thanks for helping out, but I think that your solution will always set the bar to 10.

Here is an example of a health bar, with some comments to hopefully help explain:


Yeah, i just do that in my game :slight_smile: (the way i said)

Hey grazer, thats what I’m doing for health. I am talking about my “hunger” behavior bundle, which can be found in my person’s behaviors.

Its the same thing just replace the ‘once’ to a ‘timer’ to take away the hunger

SuperCreator, that is exactly what I did.