What lies beyond Zero?

I’ve almost finished making T/Zero! It’s not good or anything but… I got nothing… It’s a game about cubes (and slimes)… They don’t even have arms or anything… I should really learn how to draw and animate things properly…
T:Zero Artwork (V2)

Also if you actually care about this for some reason you don’t say the slash but you do in T/Tetragon…


one question: what are the games mechanics? i need to know

The main thing you do in the game is fight bosses. You jump around and dodge their attacks and shoot back. Unique? Not at all! Other than that it’s just basic platforming. Do you have a goal? No! Does it make any sense? Of course not! …

Basically it has 2 things you do. Shoot and jump

Nice Idea i have a game kind of similar to yours Called Aristotles Quest its a bullet hell dungeon Crawler
where you Fight Through Enemies as a Tv shaped robot With two modes Speed Mode attack Modes

Here’s the screenshot for the game
T/Zero Screenshot
Some sprites might be edited slightly later

Stuff no one cares about

For T and T/Zero I used the in-game objects by disabling them but T/Tetragon had its screenshot made based on the sprites. I went back because I thought it honestly looked better.

More people clicked on the first game. That’s the real reason I did it… Sue me!

More stuff no one cares about

The game was made after the first T game and before Tetragon. I didn’t update most of the things in the game so some stuff is outdated and unoptimized. Towards the end parts of the game were made after Tetragon and uses completely new stuff. If you read these did you care? I hope not or the titles are lying then…