What should I do next?

NOTICE: Please turn all nostalgia devices ON before reading this.
Hey, it’s been a long time since I first started Flowlab. Five years, if I remember correectly. Regardless, I have made some amazing progress on my developing abilities, and through this influence has now devoted my whole career and hobby life to it. The three best I have made are Terraria, a classic remake o the origial game, Galaxy trek, a star-wars and star-trek inspired game (the new movies SUCK), and Dark Ones.I am now deciding my new pursuit course. Terraria, the first Sandbox game in flowlab history (and yes I checked), is a favorite in many of your hearts. Galaxy Trek, the overall highest average rating among the reviewers in the forum and on Discord, is my latest project. It got an honorable mention after the Flowjam ended and some insane likes and plays. Dark Ones is the only successful online multiplayer game in Flowlab History, and a quick horror gae filled to the brim with easter eggs. What should I do now?

1: Finish the reboot of Terraria, complete with new graphics and A.I. that may hgo beyond the original game.

2: Complete Galaxy Trek and publish it to the App Store.

3:Make a new online multiplayer game, maybe a TDM top down or a Co-op zombie game.

4: something new? (Tell me in the comments)

Definitely finish Galaxy Trek. It is a very great game with lots of potential!

@Superstargames thanks for the suggestion, I will consider it thoroughly.

@seamothmaster45 @“The Kodex” @“JR 01” @CrimsonBlackGames @praisetheyuppee @“my_name (<_>)” please also send in votes! I am so torn on what to do!

2: Complete Galaxy Trek and publish it to the App Store.

Wow I did not expect people to want this! I made votes before and everyone said finish Terraria. After at least 5 voters submit something, I will do it.

@witherdragon4 you too

@todorrobot @The Kodex @JR 01 @CrimsonBlackGames @praisetheyuppee @my_name (<_>) please also send in votes! I am so torn on what to do!

I vote to finish galaxy trek( I havent played it) but I always like to see a complete game rather than a bunch of unfinished games.

Ive been working on the same game for 1 year and a half.

@“Johnny boy” play it then! I warn you, if you have a trash computer there might be some lag.
3 votes, two to go.

Im on phone I might be able to try it later tonight. Anyways do you remember me?

From skinseed or flowlab? I remember two Johnny Boiz

Ill take a peek tomorrow when Im back at my computer tomorrow.

Tough choice between galaxy treck and terraria reboot @meburningslime what I say, is

  1. Finish galaxy treck bevause your so far on it

  2. Devote most of your time to terraria reboot after

@“The Kodex” for finishing Galaxy Trek, I am going to have to make multiple new A.I. systems, randomly generating sidequests, and a boss, not to mention finishing the level system and rattling my head for new weapon ideas Not that Terraria will be any easier lol, but progress will happen faster there. Check out my reboot I worked on.
4 votes.
1 left.


wow, unanimous.
I was expecting some debate. Guess ill get on it then! lol

@“JR 01”

I only voted Galaxy Treck so after it is you can focous on Terraria reboot without another game lingering unfinished.

I will do that.

@meburningslime ! Long time no see!