What the heck is going on (save block)

the save block when set to text lists (and I think the cloud block) will save stuff without it being saved if you open the example it literally reads checks then loops but it will save somewhere


it’s causing a bunch of bugs in another game (the Tetris saving)

Hey @cailem02 - something to keep in mind about lists that can be confusing until to get used to it:

When you send a list between behavior blocks, each block does not get its own copy, they have a shared “view” of the same list. As an example, if behavior block “A” has a list containing [1,2,3] and sends it to behavior block “B”. Now lets say that block “B” adds “4” to the end of the list. At this point, both blocks are looking at the same list that contains [1,2,3,4].

If you do want the two blocks to have their own copies, you can use a Sort block and enable the “copy before sorting” setting.

If you keep all this in mind when you watch your logic run, I think it will make more sense.


i am so sorry to bug you i literally had no idea

No problem - you didn’t bug me :slight_smile:

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oh and real quick so does that mean u pull a list then u push a value into it will autosave?

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No, you have to activate the save explicitly.