What The Heckk?

I Dont Have 2 Chromebooks!

What The Heck Is This?

I Dont Have 2 Chromebooks!

uhhh, Did someone log into your account??? Thats bad. you dont notice any major changes, on you account, right?


Im About To Go To School Now

In case someone else has your login as well, I suggest you change your login details (such as password and email), and use that wrench icon to force the other device to log out of your account.

Ok, I Just Did image

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crisis averted


I’m pretty sure its because they were logged in with different browsers or log ins.
For example if someone else looked in their emails or if you logged in with incognito mode…
Or maybe you used someone else’s Computer or Chromebook at school.

Either way, you can just press “Log out all” at the bottom and Discourse will forget that device.
I have like 6 devices because of work and home, including mobile devices too.

that or his teacher logged into his account for something