What the hell happened to my player??


ALL of my player’s behaviors are gone, for some reason. All gone, not coming back. It worked fine until I edited another level. At first I just thought it was my computer acting out, but the behaviors are not coming back. :frowning:
Please fix this ASAP! I spent a lot of time on those behaviors and I can’t remake all of them.
Also, some objects are moving to random places whenever I refresh the game.
This is seriously slowing down my progress.


Pls help

Good question, I’ll check it out. When did this happen?

Yesterday, it was working fine, and then I switched levels, and all the behaviors just disappeared.
I don’t know how it happened :cry:

Ok, I checked it out and I’m not sure what happened either. Tomorrow I will extract the backup from Wednesday and restore your player behaviors from that.

thanks grazer. Another thing I’ve noted was that the bundle for my player was gone, also. There were no traces that the player had any behaviors. :confused:

Hey @Luminous700 I have restored your player’s behaviors from the backup on Wednesday, so any updates you made to that player’s behaviors on Thursday won’t be in there. If this happens again please let me know as soon as you can, I haven’t yet figured out how this can happen, but I definitely want to track it down ASAP.

Thanks for reporting it.

Now the player’s collision system applies to “All objects” of a type, even though when it’s only designated to apply to one object at a time. The (Object xxxx) on the bottom changed to (Any object), for some reason…

Did this only happen in one specific spot? If you change it, does that fix it? This may be a bug related to the new parent object feature.

I am looking at your player behaviors, but I don;t see which Collision trigger(s) you are referring to.

@Luminous700 - the object family did not affect physics at all, so I’m not sure that it’s related, but if you give me a few more details I’ll definitely check it out.