What types of bosses do you enjoy fighting in bullet hells

  • spammer bosses
  • bosses that shoot in uniqe patterns
  • bosses that borrow non bullet hell aspects usualy from rpgs
  • bosses that toy with the player by prolonging the fight with obstacles

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I voted :slight_smile:

accidently voted spammer bosses oh well guess ill have to live with it I gueuss

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also @Ramshacklegamestudios thx :smile:

Yeah, I saw that I just thought it was your opinion

Np I’ve been pretty active lately.

P.s. If you ever have any free time tell me

got some time whats up

looks like we have a tie

I think I broke the tie, also @glithctyrus you can change your vote just by going back to the voting selection. Although it is a bit cheating since you already seen the votes. I can’t believe it was a four way tie, lol

I wanted to vote for that but the [ Redacted ] thing don’t work why!!!
“Ranges angrily so hard that I rage angrily hard”

thats cuz I closed it ima open it back up brb

@GrimProductionZopened it back up it should work now

YES also can you tell me how to do that I would like to know how to make a voting system PLEASE

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Oh how to redacted and poll noice :ok_hand:t2: