Whatever I Do, The Camera Will Not Follow The Player

Hello, im working on a zombie top down game and i cant get the camera to follow the player, i’ve tried everything even looking up tutorials, nothing.

Put the camera behavior in your player, but you have to make sure you extend how far the camera goes by using the coordinates. Although, If you just want it to be a camera that isn’t limited to what can be seen, use @JR01 's behavior library. I hope this helps :slight_smile: :grin:

im sorry i dont quite get what you want me to do, i think i might have already tried that if you mean expanding the the space of where the camera works

The auto camera should work, put the camera in the player and click on it and then set the boundaries.

Could you send a link or screenshot?

I have already tried that im afraid, i think i may have just messed something up.

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I see the problem, you have the camera, but you still haven’t set where you want the camera’s view to extend. :slight_smile:

Sorry but im an idiot, How do i do that?

Click the camera block

You are not an idiot, you click onto the camera behavior and click the plus or minus sign on either left, right, down, or up for wherever you want it to go.

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I guess im not, i have already done that.

Hmmm, on my end, it shows you haven’t set your camera’s coordinates.

ill try deleting it and putting it back in

Yep, im an idiot i got it to work. Sorry for wasting your time, Thank You!

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Again you are not an idiot, everyone makes mistakes, but i’m glad I helped!!!