What's up with loading screens?

I’ve seen a lot of people put loading screens in their games, but what’s the point? Games work perfectly fine without them. Can someone explain?

Mostly for looks, it can help the game feel like a real game but it can help in other ways to.
You can make a loading screen to load a game, but that could actually make the game lag and look like it crashed.
Loading screens can be useful by giving tips of what to do or how the game works, good for saving what level to go next, to prepare the player, secrets, and many other things between levels.

Or to show off a company

Gotcha. I was just thinking of the technical aspect, not the looks.

Yeah, for my intro, I just added the loading to give the illusion but also showing my… Company? I also used it just to show some animations to give a very little preview.

Back when flowlab first came out, there was actually concepts for allowing premium users to have custom Splash screens and custom loading screens, instead of the flowlab logo or a white screen. We don’t currently have that, but I imagine if @grazer really wanted to, he could bring it into HTML5. You could actually make a real loading screen that actually loads the game. I made one already. I was working on a game called Soul.ar, and it had a level generator, and this level generator was so big that it actually froze the game until it finished loading, so what I did is the frame before it loaded, it would play an animation, so you would see that instead of a frozen game while the level generator loaded in the background. 99.999% of flowlab games aren’t very big or laggy, so there’s nothing to load, except for the asset frame load window of the white screen on reset, or level loading. Almost anybody with a loading screen is using it aesthetically for tips or just because.