Whats up with my character's movement, please help!

the movement Is really weird, hes not even moving and it just seems all out broken please help,

I know what’s the problem, since you have both the arrow keys and W, A, S, D attached to the walk, it will constantly be turning the switches off. When you hold let’s say D down, it’s supposed to turn the switch on, but since the Right arrow is up, it will remain off. I would recommend either having W, A, S, D, or just the arrow keys but maybe not both. If you want both, then you might want to add two different walking behaviors, but make on disable through switches while the other is active, but link both up to the same velocity or it might bug out.

I think this might work, But I do know for sure that the switches are constantly being shut off.

this is for the mobile movement. Have the buttons send the message when the mouseclick down is activated. And do this in the player(i deleted some wires so you can see it.)