Whats your score origami warz?

here are the medals you achive when you get the scores
1000-brown paper
2000-grey paper
3000(+)- yellow paper

an audio que will play when your score reaches this, and your score also will be displayed if you’re still alive (FYI) there IS a life counter, its pretty hard to see though

my highscore for suprieses is 3400
EDIT: suprieses is a Planet and level name
and my other highscore for serria is 1400
EDIT: thats ALSO a level name, but not a planet

Things are a bit glitchy but I’m going to iron it out… So please show your score!

Update, i replaced the respawn animation with a transparent ship, so no more glitchy frames… I also did some minor tweaks to the game, orblitz is getting a special bgm, the blackhole in the center sends you around like madness, hence the “blitz” part…heh… Special thanks to @grazer for helping me with origami wars mobile, and once i debug it I’m not going to add orbitz too it, its too hard to reprogram… so also there is a planet with a astroid or moon around it, well its basically a harder version of another planet with basically more scrap spawners, so I’m making a new enemy for it and orblitz that sends shots back at you when it dies… Either that or ones that try to dodge shots… And are generally faster…

Any ideas?