When I get on my game it isn't working

Is it just my Computer, or is there something wrong with the site or game?

I’ll check this out, thanks for reporting.

Ok, here’s what was happening:

  1. You had a “Tank Base” object that was attaching a “Tank Mount” object
  2. The “Tank Mount” object was set to be a child of “Tank Base”, meaning it inherits the behaviors from “Tank Mount”.

This means that “Tank Mount” also tries to attach a new “Tank Mount”, which attaches a new “Tank Mount”, etc, etc in an infinite loop.

I changed the “Tank Mount” to no longer have a parent, and it seems fine now.


For one of my other games, the proximity behavior isn’t working for a certain object. In the black character called staff, one of the proximities set to find “Ecastle” is triggering when he goes near it.