Where have I been?

So I don’t think anybody is asking that question but anyways, I want to talk about a few things.

Why haven’t you been active lately?
Normally I try to log into Flowlab everyday to work on games, help people out on the forums, and play other people’s games. However, recently, the combined stress caused by working on my own games (especially Pixel Sports and Robot Reboot), quarantine, and fulfilling other people’s expectations has caused me to break down and lose my sanity. The best solution I could think of is just taking a break from Flowlab and everything else. Now I believe I am in a better position to work on Pixel Sports and other games. So I’ll try to be more active now.

Will you ever quit Flowlab?
Many people recently have quit or are planning to quit Flowlab, like @browngr and @“Mushroom Productions”. Others are going into a state where they use Flowlab a lot less than before. I myself will stay in Flowlab for at least a couple years before turning to Unreal Engine. And even then, I’ll stick around because some of my games work best in Flowlab. The boundaries of Unreal Engine are (almost) limitless, but Flowlab is still unique in a way that my games would never be the same if they were built elsewhere.
So, in short, I think I will stay in Flowlab.

Hopefully you all will understand this, especially with the first topic listed.

Glad you stay :slight_smile: