Where is Logic and Math/And?

I see under the behaviors page (http://flowlab.io/support_behaviors#) drop-down menu that there are several logical operators (And, Or, etc) but they don’t have descriptions and they don’t seem to be available in FlowLab.

I would like to perform an action if the player is pushing the UP arrow key AND colliding with an object. There is probably a more convoluted way to do this with switches and toggles, but if the And function is somehow available it would keep things so simple and easy. Any idea if this will arrive at some point or is already somehow selectable?


A large majority of those functions were removed in the Alpha or early Beta, mainly because their purpose became obsolete. As far as I’m concerned, I would have preferred if And, as well as Multiple option alert had stayed. I could use a multiple choice behavior, for a store, or even just Yes or No.
As for a convoluted way to do your request, I can give it a shot.

Always goes into the (In) of 2 ON/OFF switches.
Up (repeating) turns on one, and not pressing up turns it off.
Collision turns on the second switch, and a 1 second timer turns it off. There is no “no collision” behavior, which would be Greatly useful for mid air logic like flying, but instead, you have timers.
Have the “not pressing up” also turn off the collision switch, because if you aren’t pressing UP, then there is no point.
Have those 2 switches connect to another ON/OFF switch, exactly like the UP one, except the two switches go into the (IN). This is so that Collision alone cannot accidentally trigger the behavior if the UP did not catch you letting go. Every so often, it doesn’t notice you let go of a button.
That 3rd switch can connect to your desired effect. Keep in mind, for 1 second of that timer, the effect may still trigger, even not colliding, but if it were under 1 second, it would turn off faster, and may not trigger at all.

I think these are to be added at some point in the future. Cue Grazer.

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Thanks for the details, Mhx Ar. I will have to try working through that later today since I’m more of a visual person. But I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

I think I could live without the And if only the Keypress and Collision nodes had inputs, too. I could then say Collision?>>>check Keypress for UP key, too>>>do something in response. But they both originate the logic/behavior, which makes it tricky.

Seeing as I’ve had very basic knowledge of programming over the years, I won’t begin to comprehend the inner workings of FlowLab. I just want to understand if there is a simple way to do this. Thankfully I can create a reusable behavior bundle if I need to use your approach to detecting both UP and a collision.