Which prototype should i expand into a full game?

So i have a bunch of prototypes and i don’t know which one to expand into a full game, so i wanna hear your opinions on which one i should make into a full game!


Starship Supreme or Covetous Orbs…probably Covetous Orbs.

i’d like some reasons for why you picked those games

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Covetous Orbs has a really balanced and fun difficulty/learning curve. It is the first Flowlab game I’ve completed in a while that isn’t my own. Starship Supreme just seemed kinda fun and simple idk.

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oh and also i posted these on the discord and both jr 01 and pixelpizza liked handy dandy, aswell as jr 01 liked covetous orbs

My favorite games in order and why

(btw all of them need sounds, but they’re just prototypes so I don’t expect them to be fully fleshed out)

  1. Handy Dandy
    A fun little puzzle game where you help out a little green dinosaur(?) with the benefit of a nice art style. I would make sure you know what you’re stepping on. What I mean by this is that in some areas there isn’t a floor beneath you, so there is no way to know if it drops you down or if it’s solid ground. Make sure to also patch some bugs, so in the third room, you are able to use the box to go out of the map from the hole above the key.

  2. Covetous Orbs
    It’s a cute 8-bit style with a good learning curve. I would recommend a tutorial because I didn’t realize that holding the jump allowed me to glide until I tried to see if there was a double jump for the 2nd level. Levels are also well designed, it feels like if it was expanded I could see a little bit more of a puzzle aspect to it.

  3. Totally Screwed
    Feels like it’s meant to be a rage game, which I see. But there is no originality to it. It’s literally Jump King but you need to always fully jump.

  4. Starship Supreme
    Not a lot to do, gameplay feels really limited.


honestly covetous orbs is my favorite

yea, but do you always need originality?

understandable, i just wanted to make a small high score game

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i’l wait for a bit more people’s opinions, but honestly i’l probably expand totally screwed since that one’s the most fun to work on

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and i probably won’t expand on handy dandy since i see no potential in that game

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understandable, the biggest part of making a game is motivation and if you really enjoy working on Totally Screwed it’s the most likely one to become a good finished product

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i also wanna work on totally screwed since i posted it on the discord and grazer said he liked it

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I just played Handy Dandy and I think it’s the new number 1 game of this selection for me

I enjoyed Starship Supreme, i also played totally screwed and found it hard so i quit cause i couldnt really do anything, covetous orbs was fun and cool i havent played handy dandy yet lol

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Yeah I think Handy Dandy could make for some pretty great gameplay, it’s the most interesting one out of them all

also you should have made a poll