Who are you?

Hello my fellow Flowlabradors, anyone else wish there was a bio section in the user info? Back in the day we would just yell out a/s/l in the chat rooms (but that might give away just how old I am). Who are you? What do you do other than Flowlab? What is your background and interest in game design? Where are you from? Do you know other people from Flowlab? What games do you play? Tell us all a little bit more about yourself!

Sorry @rcreger :lol:
I can have a depressful nature at times.

I love programming on other websites! I also like minecraft and, you guessed it, terraria.

And most of us are not flowlabradors, more like flitt bulls.

Well, my full name is Riley Dean Creger, Male, born January 19th, 2004 (Do you need my social security, too :lol: ) and I have liked art ever since I knew how to properly hold a pencil. I had stuck to paper till I saw FlowLab, and I realized I could transfer my art, even if it is pixelated, and turn it into life! At first, I was absolutely horrible at programming, and had no idea what I was doing, and soon deleted my first 10 games, restarting it many times, till I made A Little Evil, which I soon later discovered the Forums. After a few weeks, I see something saying, “Leave your game here, and i’ll review it!” by @Crigence . Well, my game, no matter how much I had tried to perfect it, was still terrible, but thanks to his help, I was able to make it even better! What was once a 2.5/5 turned into a 4/5! You can check it out:

(Make sure to like, please and thank you)

After fixing a LOT of stuff, and finally decided to settle it down, and started working on my next game, A Boy in Armor, which is completely original, while my other game had three default sprites and was based off of a TV show, this was all of me with all original art, using the default characters as templates to make characters and NPC’s (Except for Wolfhang, as he is the only one with actual limbs). It has been getting pretty good scores in reviews ( @Crigence gave it the lowest score…) , and I have put a lot of effort on it. You can check this one out here:

(Make sure to give this one a like too)

While making this game, I decided to start to make reviews myself, inspired originally from @Crigence and @“Daniel Folston” , though we don’t see much of Daniel much anymore, sadly, in his major disposition change. So, it started out small, but it slowly got bigger and bigger, trying to give the most polite yet honest review for the people, and giving suggestions on how to make it better with constructive criticism. You can check out the review here:

(If you want to have a game reviewed, just leave a link!)

I’ve had much support from many of my fellow “Flowlabodors”, such as @meburningslime @“JR 01” and especially @Crigence along @CrimsonBlackGames , which I am very grateful to have, as they have helped me with many things, and have given great support. Thanks guys!

Well, you asked about me, and so here is just about all of it except for me enjoying football (USA), playing and watching, creative writing, exercise (good way to relieve stress) and going to church. One thing I do not enjoy is that I am in Pennsylvania. It’s not bad, but it could be warmer (Used to live in Texas, nice place, you should visit there). So thanks for reading, if you read this far, and have a great day everyone! I think this is a really good idea, making a sort of bio for us. Thanks!

I’m a 13 year old kid who like’s Minecraft… :slight_smile:

Yet you still made one of the best games I’ve ever seen on FlowLab :lol: @“Creeper Bones”

@rcreger so that’s why your name is rcreger! Who knew?

Also, programming, art, and being oblivious to the forum for years is also me :lol:

I’m a nobody following a false dream


@“Creeper Bones” you are my best friend now, you said nothing about fortnite! And your a teen! Wow!

@“Creeper Bones” That is a really solid game you have

I’ve actually only used FlowLab since about 8 months ago @meburningslime I’m still pretty new

Ok you dont seem like it! :slight_smile:

Thanks @meburningslime :lol: One person I can’t believe said he was new was @“Creeper Bones” , I mean, look at that game!? And he says he is new?! :lol: It looks like a very professional game, and my jaw dropped when he mentioned it.

I am credit to team!

That is depressing @“JR 01” :lol: By this point, I would think you have way passed completed your dreams! You have done fantastic work, so don’t beat yourself up! (Sorry, when people doubt themselves, it makes me want to prove they are WAY more of worth than they think :lol: )

Might as well add onto the bio:
Things that make me mad

This will be hard, but there is a few things, and for good reasons:

  • Ignorance, especially online, because then people feel like the screen in front of them is a barrier to allow them to be protected from their own mistakes, threatening people feeling they have the comlpete right to do so.
  • When people do not care. When I would say something, and for no absolute reason, or if they do not like me for some reason, will say “I do not care of what you say or think”, it makes me boil. I will stare at the comments for several moments, wishing they didn’t do that.
  • Like I said before, people doubting themselves.
  • When people hurt other people, I want to defend them, maybe both of them. Maybe both people are being hurt.
  • When people make fun of how I look, which is more personal, but I trust you guys enough (I have some acne, that is why). It just makes me want to turn away from them.
  • This is also a bit more personal, maybe you may not understand this, but say if you trusted someone to be good, and they do something bad. I’ve experienced this before at my church, trusting someone, and kind of felt betrayed because I thought they were good , but wasn’t. At least, not as much as I had thought.
  • This isn’t really making me mad, but more of disappointed. That is of cussing. I’m not pointing at @Crigence for this, that is his style, though I don’t agree with it, I have no say of what he does. I just don’t feel that it should be here, and gives out bad intentions, and brings people down a bit.
  • When people are cruel. I’ve hurt people because they have showed me videos of cruelty, for it is very morally wrong, and extremely disagreeable. Please, do not be cruel.

I know this must have not been the most uplifting, but I like talking more about myself in this, and it feels like a good way to express myself more. Thanks @todorrobot for making this discussion!

@meburningslime I actually don’t play fortnite. my parents don’t like it. :frowning:

I like art and making things online. I love flowlab. I like you guys, your really nice, compared to other people online.

@rcreger you got a really good message.

My name is Ryder Ellis I live in Canada and am 14 years old (I think i said 13 earlier my birthday was on feb 14, Im still getting used to being 14) and I like being creative, I really like Minecraft, I like making textures, skins and building thing. I came to flowlab last year, but i haven’t made anything worthwhile till Castle Jump (Im glad you guys like it) I feel that I’m pretty good programing now, but I really just watched youtube tutorials all of them and then I went to the game tutorial and copied the micaniches one by one, I know how they work now but back then I was hardly making my own games here is my first one:

My first game! Actual Trash!

Anyway more about me, I’m not the most popular person in school but I have really good friends and there are no bullies at are school. After a while with no flowlab activity due to me making youtube videos in my spare time (What i mean to say is: every second of my existence) but eventually I came back and made this load of trash: (sorry for my negativity but honestly who would play this)

I could not find a link, just search for Mr. Orange

I tried experimenting with top down view games I made two but they are equally as bad and not finished…

I could not find a link, just search for forgotten Light
I could not find a link, just search for Z-waves

I was quite burned out nothing really worked, UNTIL Castle block. I started with a fresh new game with the Intention of making it simple but well made with interesting physics. So far I feel I have succeeded. This was also this first time I went to the forms and posted PLAY MY GAME PLEASE, I NEED FEEDBACK! after like 5 minutes @rcreger said this:

Hey, @Creeper Bones , you can post your game on my review, Bored Reviews, and you will receive, one, a review, two, your game will get a like, and three, suggestions on how to make the game even better! Just post it here: forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6828/bored-reviews#latest

Thanks, and like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

I actually had no idea what was going on,
but I sent it anyway.

And that’s pretty much my experience on flowlab so far.