who created the flow-kitties dev team

who created the flow-kitties dev team that is all I am asking! I was invited but I don’t even know what it is

(P.s. things with my family are starting to slow down a lot quicker than I thought so I might be active every couple of weeks)

@browngr @“The Kodex” @meburningslime

I have never even heard of the Flow-kitties.
Also, I’m glad to hear that your problems are resolving!

@seamothmaster45 Great to hear about your family problems and flow kitties was made by @splash2018

oh i should of looked for posts like this one.

ok good to know @splash2018 what are you wanting to make?

P.s sorry for the late response

i want to make a game about a super hi iq cat were you can be the lord of agsistens.