Who is he?

So, @grazer if you find this too intrusive just let me know and I’ll take this down, but I have a mystery on my hands.
To all of you that don’t know, flowlab.io was originally intended to be for grazer’s son only, to help him learn the basics of coding. Throughout the years I have often wondered who he is, if any of us. My best guess was rcreger, but looking through his comments on the forum, I am beggining to have my doubts. However, it is still pretty coincidental that they have extremely similair names…
My next guess would be Mhx Air, since he is the only one to earn grazer’s trust enough to give him admin. He is still a person of suspect, but I do believe that the son of the creator would be an active member, not a random person that left after a few years.
JR 01 joined only recently, so not him.
Same with The Kodex, TinkerSmith and thebrickcentric.
Who do you believe is the son, if anybody? Does he even have his own account?

I personally don’t actually know. I was just one of the only other adults when flowlab came out. I helped out a lot when I had free time. Idk if grazer’s son even uses the forums. He would not need to. His dad lives with him.

It’s not me. I’m actually grazer. Good guesses though. Keep trying.

@“Mhx Ar” for some reason I don’t belive you…
Ok maybe I do
Or maybe no I don’t

That either means @grazer trusts noone ever or he wants to protect his son’s identity or youre just a random person lying but you’re not so you are either lying or your Gibbs

Oh gosh…
If it’s Latif I’m jumping off a building cause I have no more brain cells

If it’s pixelpizza then I repent for I have sinned
Wait nu it’s not he won the flowjam and I don’t think it’s rigged

My brain just took off to mars and left me to die

@“Mhx Ar” you just made yourself a suspect again

Plus, Flowlab is over 6 years old now. That means, assuming his kid started at the early age of 10, he would at least be 16, probably older, which also means that he’s on his own and might stay in contact with the group

Hey @meburningslime - Good guesses, but although my kids use Flowlab sometimes, but they aren’t on the forums at all. Like @“Mhx Ar” said - he’s not related, just a very early user who’s been around since the early days.

All that being said - I think it’s great that we don’t often know each others real identities on here, and most folks would probably prefer to keep it that way. That means noone can tell if you’re an old man (like me) or a younger person or what. This helps us treat each other as equals without concern for anything beyond a shared love of game creation. Behold, the oldest meme:

@grazer I feel like you just said good job then slapped me in the face with a baseball bat as I watched my theory go flying out a window


@grazer but a passion without a person is called a robot, and person without a passion is called a psycopath. I want to be both a unique individual and passionate about my work. I idol you, but I have to disagree with you there.

That’s OK @meburningslime - I’m glad you’re passionate about your work, and lots of people disagree with me all the time :slight_smile:

@meburningslime is actually @“Mhx Ar”

@probablydon whyyyyyyyyy