Who out there has a good example of an inventory system?

Hello! I know someone out there has figured this out, but the examples I’m finding in the forums are all dead links. I’m looking for a functioning “on-screen” inventory (not something on a separate level). Here is my work in progress game: Dot Escape. http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1067929

I can click on the items 1-10 and have them appear in the inventory area, but i had to brute force the inventory to follow me from screen to screen (not level to level). I want to be able to Mouse Click down on the inventory item (new objects spawned from the item click on the playing field) and drag it back onto the playing field. Mouse Click needs to trigger Mouse Move = position, but I cant input into a Mouse Move.

I would also like to know how to snap an object returning to the play area onto the grid if you release on a valid position, or snap back to the inventory if you release on an invalid position.

Any examples or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

In order to make the inventory items always appear in the same place, you could put the inventory interface in the User Interface layer. This would mean that you’d need two versions of each object though: one for the inventory and one for the game, which may not be ideal.

To enable/disable mouse move, you could position Switch blocks between the MouseMove trigger and the Position block.

I love this kind of game i hope u continue to develop it (: