Who would want this? [Skill Competition]

So i’m thinking about making a game and no, not one that has story or a shop or any of that, but more so a game of strategy a game where ill have semi-endless levels and a timer will be in the corner “beat the level in the shortest amount of time”
Pretty simple… I’ve made a game like this before last year for anyone who remembers but that was kinda a test run and I am now ready to completely make this game, by the way this is cool maybe cuz I could get a leader board and daily challenges


Someone has already done this, it generates a random level and gives you 10 seconds.

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I kept thinking someone previously made a game similar to this, but I wasn’t for sure.

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yeah i know what your talking about but the game i made a last year was not like that it wasnt randomly generated and there is objects to avoid

It’s not your game, it’s someone else’s, and it is randomly generated. It got boring quick because of slow and repetitive gameplay.

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yea but it was kinda cool but either way i’m remaking a mastered version of a game i made last year and users of flowlab community will compete to stay in the top 5 of the leader board.

@ManiacPumpkin @Galactian ok im gonna start production of this community skill challenge type of game thing? whatever you wanna call it