ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF ME?! I liked unlimited levels. I don’t even WANT to pay. I got on here cause it was free. Now, it cost money for a lot of stuff. If anything else changes that’s bad, I may leave flowlab forever.

Color land could be ruined because of this!

WOAH!!! 5 LEVELS!!! I am not canceling my membership BECAUSE 5 LEVELS!!!

Wait a sec w-man grazer said that if i cancel membership i will not lose my games! So you won’t lose levels!!! Maybe??? I just thought of that so watch out…

No, you won’t lose any existing levels either.

The system will not alter you games at all if you decide to cancel your upgrade. You may not be able to add new levels if it already has the maximum limit, but levels you already created will not be removed.

Of course I hope that the Flowlab is so useful that everyone wants to keep their upgraded version, but I definitely want you to be able to cancel it at any time with no worries!

If anyone has any questions about cancellations you can also always email me directly at grazer@flowlab.io and I will try to clear up any questions ASAP.

P.S. Thanks for your support Super Creator :slight_smile: