Why are the objects slowly moving right?

After a while all the objects in my simulation thing move right and all bunch up, why is that? Flowlab Game Creator - Simulation

I tested it, its just fine.
If its still doing it theres a few things,
1 Gravity, set to 0
2 When the AIs idle it must have its velocity set to 0 to stop movement
3 Set affected by gravity on the Objects to off

You should add a feature to adjust the amount of water/grass/desert

What do you mean by that?

Yeah, that happened to me before until i finally put in some research and figured it out, it took a month to figure the problem out.

I think you might be on the wrong question…

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Oh shoot, your right lol

Add a button to toggle the chance of water, grass, and desert that spawns. Currently, it’s 33%, 33%, 33%, but what if you could make it 25, 25, 50 or 12.5, 12.5, 75. that type of thing.