so here is a link to my game https://flowlab.io/game/play/1312591 my character must be carried over between levels for the enemies to follow him but every time i do that it glitches out I have done everything I can think of with the time I have but cannot figure it out can anyone help me?

I fixed this before just don’t have a clue how

this gets really annoying and happens all the time @grazer please help!

This is why I don’t use “Keep between levels”

Whats happening is that your taking the same object to next level. So if you have a player object in the next level, you would have the player object that you put in the level and the player object that you had in the previous level.

Basically your adding the player that you just used into the next level. If there is player in the next level, there would be 2 players.

@“JR 01” ok from what I understood from what your saying I already have a character in that level, but I have tried deleting it. and plus i don’t like using it but if I do not the enemies won’t follow you because it thinks you are a completely different object and sometimes there are 3 or 4 people too!

Every time you make or add an object it has a new “name” even in different levels.
You would notice this if you look any any ground blocks in the game.

Instead of using extractors, I would use proximity set to a high number like 3200.
This will let the enemies point at any player object in any level.

You could have several players if all the players can “keep between levels” and you have a player in each level. Level 1 player + level 2 player + level 3 player, also I’m not sure if going back to a level will add another player? I don’t know much about the “keep between levels” option because I try to avoid using it.

I think what I am going to do is, I will have one player per level and add the proximity see if that woks


Make sure the proximity reaches the area of the level. And make sure “repeat once” is off and that it has a repeat of 0.

I think it is fixed for now my game was just glitching out and now it works

@jessetime360 I did what u r trying to do in Dark Ones


check the game out. Also its multiplayer, so it is somewhat like having too many sprites.

what did you mean what u r trying to do in Dark Ones

found Easter egg number 1