Why aren't my doors opening

I just made an update for my game Site: 079 and have noticed that the keycard doors are not opening, why is this happening, I’ve looked for the source but cannot find it.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the blue doors, right?


Alright, I know what’s going on.

So when you pick up the blue keycard it will set 1 to the global.
But you also have the red keycard constantly setting the global to 0 since you haven’t picked up the red card yet.

What you need to do it add both of them to the same bundle, add the Set 1 and Set 2 to the same number, instead of having to separate ones or else the keycards won’t work unless you have both of them.

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ok, thank you thought it was something stupid lmao

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It’s okay, I’m pretty sure we all have made a similar mistake before, lol.