Why does my game keep crashing?

In this game I’m making a part where the camera needs to scroll upwards, so I have the object with the camera move up, but for some reason the game keeps crashing when it gets to a specific height, why is this?? @grazer

I also tried moving it with Velocity, but the game still crashes.

It’s the game that I sent you the link to before with the -76 frames remaining @grazer

If it’s still an issue, could you dm me the link

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hey pls help me so i created a game call jumpy its great but when i play the game after a few minutes the game just restarts why is that?

I would suggest making a new thread for this and sending a link to the game.

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do u mean make a new game and send u a link?

A new topic with the question and the link to your game that is having this problem

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