Why Does this game keep giving me problems XD

Ok, So This game is back giving me trouble again. First the Jumping was wrong and now this T.T
Anyways, I’m having Crusher Trouble. Here’s the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Jumper
Its on the Thirteenth Level called: Level 8, The crusher is teleporting to the side and up and I don’t want that, Does anyone know why this is happening? (Ps i’m not done with the code, that’s why it doesn’t come back up.
Q & A

Q: Did you try refreshing?
A: Yes
thats it.


Ok nevermind I fixed it

This is a really cool game. Simple graphics but a really fun game to play. Great Job!

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Thank you! Im glad you enjoyd it!

Great game @baconcat008!

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Thank you! Im making a Dev log as we speak lol (Hopefully i can keep up with it)