Why doesnt this work?

why doesnt this code work? (by the way this is a remake of the code that is there, because the game im making is a secret) basically new type 14 follows new type 10, and is slightly faster, which means it is inside new type 10 a lot. basically both new type 10 and 14 should be destroyed by this interaction, right? because when i test this neither get destroyed, and im really confused.

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not sure… maybe it has something to do with that tag behavior? is that unnecessary?

i dont know, i think so…

lemme try without it

nevermind, its the fact that it is inside and it doesnt have a collision for inside of the object, so its not registering

Also, new type 10 collision is going into a number behavior of 0, and 0 will never equal 5

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its supposed to be -5 whoops (its set that way for the actual thing)

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0 will still not equal -5


are you stoopy? every time it collides it gets -1. it starts at 0 so when it collides 5 times its -5, which triggers the filter

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you would have to hook it into the + input for it to count up

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op nevermind I didn’t see the thing

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I think you need to look again. The Collision with New Type 14 has -1, but the one with New Type 10 only has the “Get” input into a Number with 0. 0 will NEVER equal 5. This is the top section of the code.

Also here’s a more efficient way to do that code. You almost managed to do this with the top one, just need to link up the output from the Collision to the “+” input

You’re welcome.

Also, also, you should name ALL your objects instead of having them labeled New Type.
You’re double welcome.

– From a (supposedly) stoopy Alpaca


oh im sorry i thought you were looking at the other one. as i said, this is a re-creation of the code because the game is a secret and if i put the actual code in it would be a little obvious. (this explains the “new type” thing, the actual objects are labeled) it was supposed to have been put into both the “+” pin and the “get” pin but my stoopy self didnt do that. it is like that in the actual code
small misunderstanding, sorry for calling you stoopy


np, small thing though, you don’t need to have it go into the “Get” input because “+” will automatically output.


um i thought it didnt, because it didnt do that when i first came on flowlab and tested the code stuff out

It’s been like this since I came here (Dec), you’re doing it with the Object Value. (Btw it also works this way for Globals)

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can you tell me when i joined? it doesnt say for me. (im saying this because i have no clue when i joined)

It says you joined the forums Jan 12

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2021? cause that sounds about right