Why I Did Not Post In Like 5 Months

Well It’s Because I Use My Chromebook For Everything, HTML coding playing video games and doing school work. But All Of A Sudden community.flowlab.io Says “Access Denied” And I’m Like Oh Snap! When I Reload The Page I Find Out That My Princible Blocked It (Ibossed It) And I Could Not Go On It. I Asked My Mom If I Could Use Her Phone Or Tablet And She Said No. ReEeeEEeeeE! Anyways, I Could Not Use Anything To Post. But Today, I’m On My Mom’s Boyfriends Phone Because There Gone Right Now And He Left His Phone . For Some Reason I Got Through The Password Thing EZ Sooooooo Idk What To Do Right Now. Before They Come Home :house_with_garden:.


nice story, I guess. Well I mean I would say hide the phone real good.


yeah, they said they’d be right back but they were gone for like 1h

I Just Really Hate Being On Mobile Right Now

I would try having a conversation with your principle about this. Since coding is educational, I can’t imagine a school blocking it. Unless its some sort of system they use which blocks small sites like flowlab. I would still talk to him about it since that’s not really fair.


Yeah Ik I Did Not Do Anything Wrong, Wait… I Remember Why, Because My Brother Watched Inappropriate Videos On My School Account Bc He Did Not want Me On Fowlab Anymore Bc He Did Not Get alot of Attention From Me When I Was On Fowlab, And I Already Talked To My Mom, My Princible And My Teacher, But They Said “I Have To Earn It”. I Just Don’t Know Why.

I just don’t understand why some schools would block these websites in the first place. Yes, there are plenty of websites that SHOULD be blocked, but Flowlab is not one of those websites. Hey, it even has an education plan and offers a free trial for teachers to try out.

By the way, welcome back @pixelknife31 - if you can still read this, that is.


My school does block flowlab as well, it so sad :frowning:


Off ours doesn’t so it’s pretty nice probably cause only two people in our school uses it right @ManiacPumpkin :smirk:


It doesn’t get any better. Flowlab is blocked where I work :frowning: But now that I work from home I have total access :pray:


Yea, Ik 10-11 yr old life since im a 10 yr old myself. btw, if I were you i would hide the phone somewhere where I know my mom won’t look for it.


I love you

Excuse me but why on God’s round earth fatter than the Fat Counsel from How To Train Your Dragon Book 3 are you saying this everywhere?

I think he stopped doing it, so don’t worry too much.

my school blocked it before, but i sent a request for them to unblock it, and they did thankfully.


i love you

Doesn’t seem like it

Yeah, I take back my original statement.

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You could try to download some sort of vpn or something on your computer and it should keep your computer hidden to the schools wifi or system so you should then be able to go to the forums. I did that on my phone so I could play roblox and it works, lol.

Edit: Not entirely sure if this would work, but its worth a try.


I’m using CyberVPN. Check it out at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cybervpn